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Our beliefs.


Everyone is a celebrity (whether you like it or not).

Yes, we know it sucks at first to get in front of a camera, or to hear your own voice recorded, but this is the world we live in.

People now want to buy stuff from people, not companies. 

You can’t hide behind your brand anymore, you are your brand. 


The traditional 'client to service provider' relationship sucks

A lot of companies want killer content, so we can fortunately be picky about who we work with.  

Work doesn’t feel like work when it’s with positive, interesting people. 

We don’t do business with anyone who thinks they’re the best thing since sliced bread (because you’re not, the internet is).


Be obsessed with your craft.

We are drawn to people who are obsessed with their ‘thing’. Whatever your thing is. 

We don’t care if you’re an accountant or a tightrope walker, we just love that you’re super passionate about your craft.

For us, our craft is making and distributing awesome video & audio content like video stories and podcasts to make people fall in love with your brand.

Oh, and we’re also fairly good at drinking beer…


F**k the norm.

If you put out bland content, expect bland results.

We constantly challenge ourselves to treat the projects we work on as if they were our own companies. 

A big part of this is pushing the people we work with to do something super different to their competitors. 

It’s not about making everyone like you, that’s impossible. The key is making your chosen tribe love you.


Want to learn how a great content strategy

will double or triple your sales? 

Our work.

Nick and his team have been a massive asset to my business in helping me launch a youtube channel and podcast. Nick is super reliable, professional and efficient which makes growing and scaling my business os much easier.
Nick is a creative who has natural problem-solving skills and is always happy to help me make my ideas a reality. So stoked to have you on the StartUp Creative team Nick and Co.
— Kaylene - Founder & Editor Startup Creative
The end product we get has always been unreal!
I completely and utterly endorse Nick and his team.
— Andrew Rocks - CEO Announcer Group
With so much information so freely available it is no longer enough to just get your content out there. The real value is in showing your authentic self, making sure your message is on point, it’s meaningful for the people you want to reach and also makes them feel something. It can be a real challenge to ‘be real’ on camera as it can feel contrived and awkward.
Working with Nick Lennox at Udeo has been a game changer for me.
Nick has this wonderful ability to create an environment where it’s comfortable to share, helped me gain clarity on my thinking, coached me on how I articulate it and then he takes all of this and creates something beautifully moving. Not only has he done this for me and my business, but he’s helped some of my clients with this too.
Having someone who can help take away the ‘noise’ is a rare find. Thank you Nick!
— Terri Reid - Founder Traxiom

Want to learn how a great content strategy

will double or triple your sales? 

Our 'deets'.


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